Dance anywhere, anytime

The exclusive online pole workout that gets you safely into performing combos with the flow you've always wanted. A step by step program based on your experience level, including hoop, hammocks, flexy and choreos!

Discover The MPDS Online Studio 


Dance anywhere, anytime

Experience safe pole training with a step by step detailed program of unlimited pole combos & choreographies, hoop, hammock and flexy classes 

Discover The MPDS Online Studio 

Progress at your own pace learning one trick at a time while learning how to put it all together.

Our experienced instructors have created lessons for different levels, from beginner to pro.

An easy and effective way to help you reach your pole and aerial goals. 


Unlimited Access to The MPDS library

As a member you get access to over 100 essential courses with new ones added on a weekly basis.

Pick and learn what works for you and tailor your learning to suit your unique journey! 

12 Months


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30 Days Of Training



What To Expect:

  • Everything you need to learn pole dance, hoop & hammock from stretching to single tricks and variations
  • Enjoy videos that are divided by experience level in an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate the membership
  • Discover the latest pole trends
  • Master the precise technique for each tricks, combo and choreo from our highly experienced instructors
  • Transform your pole practice and share your passion with the community
  • Reach your goals and feel inspired every time you train!
  • A community where you can share your achievements and ask for support in your training





"I find the combo videos to be very easy to follow. I used to search for tutorials on Instagram but much prefer the MPDS videos now. Each trick is broken down making it super easy and fun to learn!"


Los Angeles

"I'm in love with the MPDS Online Studio!! As a pole instructor, I am always discovering new tricks and stepping up my game - I especially love the hoop trainings."



"This platform offers a great variety of classes for all levels. The advanced level is quite challenging and allows me to progress quickly by learning the proper technique for every trick. I definitely recommend it."