Our Class Packages allow full flexibility to vary your training according to your lifestyle & preferences. 


Join our Drop-in or Term Classes catered to all levels, covering the widest range of apparatus - Pole, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks.

Learn various dance styles such as Heels, Lyrical and Contemporary, or try our functional/ wellness classes - Flexy, Mobility, Conditioning and Aerial Yoga

For more personalised training, opt for Private Classes with our talented instructors or practice at your own pace during our Practice Times

Mini Term 2024

8 July - 4 August

These 4-week courses designed by our amazing instructors are perfect for refining your technique or trying something new. Plus, it’s the first time we’re running mini-terms at our Downtown East studio! We can’t wait for you to join us.

How to Book:
1. Open the MPDS app.
2. Select your first term class using the calendar in the top right.
3. Book yourself in for all 4 weeks!

Check out the class descriptions for more info. Need assistance? WhatsApp us at +6587260536 or email [email protected].



Drop-in Classes

Go at your own pace - Track your Pole & Aerial Technique progress through our signature "Pagella" syllabus.

Dance your heart out with new routines each week (Heels, Lyrical, Contemporary)

Join Flexibility, Mobility and Conditioning sessions to level up your skills!

For Drop-in classes, students may reserve their spots directly via our app.  A 10-day booking window, and a 24-hour cancellation policy apply.

The following drop-in classes are available:

All Intro level Classes
Pole Tech
Aerial Hoop Tech
Aerial Hammock Tech
Mounts and Inverts (Pole Conditioning)
Contemporary Pole
Lyrical Pole


Term Classes

Learn a longer choreography or specialised techniques over 8 weeks, 1 hour per week.

Pole & Aerial Choreographies: Master full routines, with the option  to perform at our end-of-term student showcases.

Aerial Silks Technique Terms: Master captivating skills with our curated syllabus, end-of-term assessments for safe progression.

Students are have to be committed throughout this period. Once enrolled, cancellations are not permitted.

Enrollment of Term Classes can be done via our app, please ensure that you select the start and end dates of the term to ensure all spots are booked.

The following term classes are available:
Pole Choreo
Aerial Hammock Choreo
Aerial Hoop Choreo
Aerial Silks Tech*
Aerial Silks Choreo

Make up policy for missed Term Classes:
You may make up for a term class that you missed by emailing the studio at [email protected] with the date of class that you will miss, plus the date of the makeup class you’d like to come for.

Make up classes must be utilised within the term, and the 24 hours cancellation policy still applies. Please ignore any no-show auto emails you might receive for the classes you miss.

Makeup Options:

‍1) Flexy

‍2) Pole/ Aerial Conditioning

3) Aerial Yoga

4) Mobility

5) Same term level class in different slot (if applicable)

Please note that make up classes are subject to availability, and options will be updated accordingly. 

Private Classes:

Please email [email protected] with the date and apparatus of your choice and we will check availability.

Practice Time:

Practice Time is meant for students to work on their own, no instructions will be provided by our team. Each student will have access to their own apparatus.

Students are expected to train safely and use crash mats when performing tricks. Crash mats are compulsory for Aerial Practice.

Students must not make any adjustments to studio equipment, please request for assistance from our team when locking/ unlocking poles, adjusting height of aerial equipment etc.

Class Levels:

The same levels are used for all apparatus.
Intro - Suitable for complete beginners.
Basic 1 - Suitable for beginners who are comfortable with basic techniques.
Basic 2 - Suitable for students who are comfortable in basic techniques and working on going upside down.
Intermediate 1 - Suitable for intermediate students who are confident in basic techniques and comfortable going upside down without momentum.
Intermediate 2 - Suitable for intermediate students who are comfortable with aerial inversions and executing intermediate tricks and combos.
Advance 1 - Suitable for advanced students.