Accessories That Every Pole Dancer Must Have

Jan 31, 2022

Even when pole dancing is a highly practised and encouraged workout, many still don’t know much about the dance. Some people believe that dancers don’t need anything other than a pole to be a pole dancer.


Is that true? What do you think?


Yes, we know; you might also be confused now!


So, we are creating this blog to clarify the topic and introduce you to accessories you would need as a pole dancer.


Pole Dance Accessories


Are you planning to register yourself in a pole dance studio? Then do not register before checking out the products you would need for pole dancing.


  •  Pole Outfits:


You might already know that you cannot dance on the pole with your casual outfit. But do you know what is the right outfit for the pole?


Shorts are the most suitable wear for the pole as they won’t restrict the movements of legs while dancing. However, during winter, it is better to wear activity pants or leggings for the warm-up. Pair it with a full coverage sports bra, and you are all set to move your body on the pole.


Remember that your comfort should be your priority; choose outfits that give you maximum comfort during training.


  •  Grip Aid:


It takes a lot of time for a beginner to get a grip on the pole. So being a beginner, a grip aid is a must-have; it ensures that your hands and feet do not get sweaty and you won’t slip from the pole.


A grip aid is basically a cream that consists of Isopropyl alcohol, aluminum carbonate, and Hydrated silica. It takes care of your grip on the pole and saves you from injuries. All pole dancing studios have grip aids; nevertheless, it is better to buy one yourself.


In our opinion, all pole dancers should use a grip aid irrespective of the level of experience.


  •  Microfiber Towel:


You will sweat a lot during your pole session, and to wipe it off, you will definitely need a high-absorbent towel. Our choice of the towel during and after the pole session is a microfiber one. It absorbs the sweat and keeps your body cool throughout the session; the more comfortable you are more your productivity will be.


  •  Leg warmer:


Even when we cannot say leg warmers are a dire necessity for a pole dancer, it is good to have a pair. The main reason why we suggest it is that leg cramps is a common thing during the initial days of training. A leg warmer protects you from leg cramps during the training session and will also help in giving additional grip.


  •  Heels:


If you have seen artists performing on the pole, you would have noticed the high-heeled shoes they wore. That heels are known as stripper shoes and make pole dancing more entertaining.


If you are not comfortable on heels, it might take you a while to get used to them; however, you will rock them once you get the grip.



We have mentioned all the necessary items that you should carry with you for a pole dancing session. However, according to your needs and your trainer’s instructions, you might have to get more items.


So do you feel you are ready to take pole session? Then register now on Milan Pole Dancing Studio!

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