Cool Down workouts after Pole Dance Session

Jan 31, 2022

We talk a lot about warm-up exercises before pole dancing sessions and never about the cooldown workouts. Many people are even unaware of the fact that they need a cooldown session after pole dancing.


So we are here to break that up for you. This blog will discuss the need for cooldown workouts after pole dancing and the essential cooldown exercises.


So keep reading if you are a pole dancer or are planning to be one.

Why should you cool down your muscles after Pole dancing?

A professional pole dancer will make the swift dance movements on the pole look effortless; however, it is not.


As it is an intense cardio workout, pole dancing will make your heart beat fast. It is a form of dance that shakes all the muscles to the core and flexes them in all directions. Your joints, bones, and muscles will be in constant motion throughout the session.


And you should not end this motion abruptly without a cooldown session. Or else you will wake up with sore muscles the next day.


On the other hand, a good cooldown routine will lower your heart rate to a normal level and give you a good and peaceful sleep. It will relax your muscles and give your dance session a smooth ending.


So make cooldown workouts a part of your pole dance routine.


What are the best cooldown exercises for a pole dancer?


Every physical activity demands a specific cooldown procedure, and choosing the wrong exercises will do more harm than good. Pole dancing is a highly energetic exercise, and it requires activities that keep the pace of it and relax your body. It should also not tire you more; so here are the most efficient cooldown activities for pole dancers:


  • Relax your arms: Wave your arms sideways in a free motion to release the tension from your arms. Inhale and exhale in along with the hand movements to reduce the heart rate.


  • Stretch: Lock your fingers and stretch the arms to the front while rounding your abdomen to the back and lowering your head. That will give a good upper body stretch and help muscle regain its natural strength. Stretch all the muscles in a comfortable position and make sure you do not overdo and strain them.


  • End relaxed: End the workout session with the relaxed arm wave movement for one minute. It will lower the blood rush, keep your heart rate regular, and muscles relaxed for the rest of the day.


  • Warm water bath: Don’t think that your post pole dance activities end there with the workout. Take a good warm water shower; it will ensure that your muscles are back to their normal relaxed state.


Do it right!

As said earlier, the exercises you choose to cool down your muscles should be the right ones for pole dancing. And who knows it better than an expert pole dancer?


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