Exotic pole dance. Time to unleash your inner goddess

exotic classes exotic pole dance exotic pole dance instructor exotic pole dance lessons pole dance in heels pole dance styles Jun 14, 2021


Over the years we have seen countless women pass through our studios and even though we know it, we are still amazed at the potential that exotic pole dance can bring out in each of them.


Primarily, exotic classes are a way to explore one's sensuality in a protected environment: there is no judgment.


The students are there to have fun.


Not that other classes aren't fun, but exotic pole dance classes allow us to flirt with parts of ourselves that we don't often bring out, leading us to test our own limits.


If you practice exotic you know what we're talking about.


It's about that feeling of being able to give voice to more parts of you, of releasing your inner goddess. A goddess that manifests itself in each of us in different ways and that the different variants of exotic pole dance allow you to release.


Exotic Flow, Exotic Hard, Exotic Old School and Strip Dance are just a few variants of the wide range that exotic can offer.


If dance is pleasure, this style is even more connected to pleasure and embarking on this taboo-free journey undoubtedly leads to benefits in everyday life.


So if you already practice Exotic Pole Dance, we encourage you to continue and perhaps try different styles.

If you have never done Exotic, we recommend that you take at least one class. At first it can be strange and seem almost impossible to stay on your heels, but if you surrender to the music everything will be easier. The choreo doesn't turn out perfect? Not a problem, the important thing is to enjoy the moment. Like almost everything about pole dancing, it's easy to fall in love with it later!


And you, what kind of goddess are you?



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