How often can one train on Pole?

Jan 31, 2022

We have often heard beginners saying that they will train on a pole every day until they become fit. However, we being professional trainers, tend to have a different opinion on this matter. So, if, by any chance, you are also in the misconception that you can train on a pole at any time, you are wrong. You should have a fixed schedule for training according to your level of flexibility and practice.


This blog is to help you understand why you shouldn’t over-train yourself on pole and what’s the right timetable for training.

Why should you follow a fixed pole dancing routine?


Pole dancing is a high-intensity workout that tires your body and shakes your muscles to the core. It is a combination of aerobic exercises and cardio workouts. It leads to the reduction of stubborn body fat and toning up of muscles in considerably lower time.


However, the workouts will tire you easily and burn out your energy when you train too much. It can lead to fatigue, injury, plateau and a lot of physical and mental disorders.


Not having a fixed schedule for training will make your body sluggish, and you might eventually stop training at all.


On the other hand, a healthy training schedule will ensure that you are physically fit, and your body is in good condition.


The best routine for pole dancing

When it comes to pole dancing, we cannot set a universal routine for all dancers. It depends on the person’s physical strength, flexibility and experience on the pole.


Here is a healthy routine that you can follow at different stages of your pole training:


  •  Beginner’s training routine:


We won’t suggest a schedule of more than one hour a week for newbies. It is the time where your muscles become sore fast and hurts more. Our muscles and body will require more time to recover from hard training. So one session of 30 minutes to one hour is the best for beginners.


However, if you are used to intense workouts and don’t get sore muscles from the first session, you can do two sessions a week.


  •  Intermediate’s Training Session:


It is the stage where your body and muscles get adapted to the workout sessions. And this is the right time to increase your training duration. Try two sessions of 30 minutes to 1 hour every week and check how your body responds to it. If you are comfortable with it, keep this routine going for 3-5 months.


  •  Expert Training Session:


It is the stage of training where your body is prepared to take extended sessions. Increase the timing from 1 hour to 3 hours and see what changes that have on your body. If the extended duration works fine for you, increase the number of sessions per week.



Where to train?


Now you know why to have a schedule and when to train. But do you know where to prepare? If you are looking for a healthy routine training session, Milan Pole Dance is the Answer. Join us now!


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