How to warm up your body for Pole dancing?

Dec 14, 2022

Are you ready to hit the pole and flaunt your toned body muscles? Then check out this blog.


Pole dancing is a highly intensive physical exercise that demands a lot of body movements. And it is essential to warm up your body for that; otherwise, you might end up with sore muscles after your session.


So here are the easiest warm-up workouts for pole dancers.


  •  Mid-Pace Cardio: You have to keep your heart rates mildly high to dance like a pro on the pole. So begin your warm-up session with light cardio exercises such as:


  •  Punch in the air while doing spot jogging.
  •  Increase the speed of skipping.
  •  Increase the speed of jumping jacks


Do it for three minutes, rest, and drink water before moving on to the next movements.


  •  Move your joints: Your joints are necessary for pole dance sessions, and stiff joints will be a villain. So rotate your arm’s and leg’s joint, shoulders, and neck for maximum flexibility.


  •  Lower body: Warm up your lower body muscles with crunches or situps for one minute.
  •  Abdomen: Squats is an excellent workout to loosen up your lower body and abdomen muscles.


  •  Full Body: Plank is an excellent workout to heat all your muscles in one go. So do a one-minute plack and prepare your body for the pole.


  •  Stretch:  End the warm-up session with a good stretch to all your muscles.


Get On the Pole!

Now you are all set to hit the pole like a pro. Keep reading Milan Pole Dance Studio to learn everything about Pole and aerial dancing.

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