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After the post Pole dance while pregnant. Can we...?, we want to address the next phase: your baby has come into the world.


Lots of opposing emotions, changes, little sleep (sometimes) and one discovery after another is what characterizes these early days.


I didn't want to name this post "How to get back to pole early after pregnancy" or something like that because no mom is alike and no baby either. So the first tip is the usual: follow your doctor's or midwife's directions and then, listen to your body.


You don't know how you're going to feel or what your baby is going to be like, so try not to have expectations about when to go back to the pole.


When you get the doctor's go-ahead, which will be later if you had a C-section, take your time. Restart your training slow and steady because in a way it will be like having to learn everything all over again....

...but fear not! Body has memory and even if you have to regain strength, your technique will be intact.


You might consider attending Pilates classes to strengthen your core and abdominal area.


Regarding pole moves, it would be better to structure your workouts so that you perform tricks and combos that you feel comfortable with and don't try anything new, at least in the beginning. Progressively you can increase the difficulty, but always with caution.


If you're breastfeeding, some moves can be uncomfortable, so try changing grips or hooks.


I would say that everything can be summarized in:

- Listen to your body
- Have a progressive pace that suits your situation (sometimes it might mean evaluating day to day)
- Don't have unrealistic or other-dictated expectations, like coming back after x weeks.
- Have a lot of patience


Maybe the hardest part will be that you have to recondition your skin for grip but you will have a special little spectator always in the front row!


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