Pole Dancing for toned muscles

Dec 14, 2022

What is your favorite thing about pole dancing? Ours is getting a perfectly toned body.


Pole dancers have well-defined and strong muscles. We call them healthy and fit, just by looking at them.


Do you think they are pole dancers because they have perfect bodies?


No. most of the time, it is the other way around. Their constant training on the pole tones up their muscles and make them fit.


Read more to find out how do pole dancers have toned muscles.

How does pole dancing help in toning muscles?

Here is why we say that pole dancing can help in toning up muscles:


  •  Your upper body muscles, arms, thighs, and abs constantly move when you are up on the pole. And interestingly, these are the stubborn areas of your body, where the fat layers are thicker and harder to go. Regular sessions on the pole loosen up that fat and eventually reduce it to give toned abs and arms.


  •  Fat loss is not the only factor that gives you toned-up muscles. You need to have a good percentage of body mass to have toned-up muscles. Body mass is the percentage of muscle on the body, and increased body mass indicates a fit body. When you practice on the pole, your body mass increases tremendously and gives you toned muscles.


  •  You cannot say your muscles are toned unless they are strong. During pole dancing, you have to lift your body on the pole and hold it there for a long time. For first-timers, that will be a difficult task; however, everyone will easily do that through practice. Do you know what’s happening there? Your muscles are gaining enough strength to hold your body up on the pole and dance effortlessly. And as we mentioned earlier, increased muscle strength is a sign of toned-up muscles.



Start Training

If you ever wished to have toned and firm muscles, the pole is the right exercise for you. Contact the trainers of Milan Pole Dance Studio now and start your training sessions today.


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