New pole dance instructor? Here are some tips

pole choreo inspiration pole combo research pole dance choreo pole dance instructors pole dance lessons Jul 02, 2021

Have you ever wondered how much time an experienced instructor invests in transitions and combo research?

The videos we all see on social media are the best result of hours of training and research...but you already know that anyway.

It takes inspiration and good technique. Every perfect trick we see has had its fair share of pain, fear or just plain failing.

But even pole stars can have a bad day.

Maybe you're not a pole star. Maybe you started your instructor career not too long ago.

So there are MANY days when you suffer from a lack of inspiration and want to give your students the best.

What to do.

The main advice is DON'T STOP LEARNING. The more you learn, the better you will be able to teach.

Another important thing is to schedule time for your own practice, not only to practice what you are learning but also to experiment, i.e., take inspiration from someone and then create something of your own: for example, you can try different entrances and exits from the same combo.

Let's say your students ask you for more choreo lessons: then you'll need some time and maybe some inspiration to create a new choreo from scratch each week until it becomes easier and easier to try new things.

Sometimes you will start with a piece of music that gives you the input to create the choreo and sometimes it will be some movement that you want to put into a sequence.

Everyone has their own tips or ways of planning their lessons and over time you will have your own way of researching what you want to teach your students.

One thing we can't forget is the inspiration that students offer!

If you're a pole dancing instructor, we're curious to know what your secrets are for preparing lessons! 

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