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The most common answer is NO




“Because at pole class I don't always have enough time to try everything on my bad side as well”.


It's not always just a matter of time. 

It happens more often to inexperienced pole dancers and is understandable. Who would want to experience frustrations twice? (LOL)

All kidding aside, it's normal that once you've managed to do a trick or combination of tricks on one side, you'll keep doing it that way. It's definitely more satisfying.

The problem is that then you don't really have time or you never try because you just want to do things that you can do.


We understand that the boost you get when you get to do the beautiful combo of the day is unbeatable.


But we know (and so do you) that it's best to practice all the tricks left and right, as well as the combos. Why?

  1. Avoid musculoskeletal imbalances. It's obvious that if you always try on the same side of the body, these muscles will develop more than others and you're likely to suffer from imbalances in your spine, for example.
  2. You will be more fluid at the pole and able to do more different combinations because you won't have to think "no, wait, I'll do the outside leg to the right, etc."


Let's say you can't train both sides in class.


What should you do?


If you have the pole at home...problem solved!



Stop trying only what you know over and over again on your good side. Good training programming would include spending time on the bad side, for example, trying to get as far as possible to execute the moves equally.

This also applies to flexibility, although we know it is very difficult to be equally flexible on the right and left.


Either way, work on both sides and you'll see dramatic general improvements!

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