Why pole dance is good for you?

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If you're a long-time pole dancer, you already know the answer to this question. On the other hand, if you're looking for information on pole dancing, you'll have come across hundreds of articles discussing the benefits of pole dancing that answer questions like "Can pole dancing tone your body?"

I could go further and pull out a 2019 scientific study where it says that In accordance with ASCM guidelines, an advanced-level 60-minute pole dancing class can be classified as a moderate-intensity cardiorespiratory exercise; when completed for ≥30 minutes, ≥5 days per week (total ≥150 minutes) satisfies the recommended level of exercise for improved health and cardiorespiratory fitness.
(link to the abstract here https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30507730/)

However, even if science is on our side, the true benefits of pole dancing speak for themselves in the souls and eyes of those who practice it, as Beatrice, a student at MPDS Milan, tells us:

"I feel way more confident with myself, with my body shape. Something that I wasn't before, as I was more reserved."

This is not a body change, although she talks about losing 20 kg and changing her metabolism. She is now a young woman who likes herself, who has more confidence, who has become more outgoing.

And although I haven't found a study that collects scientific evidence of the psychological benefits of pole dancing (I know there are some in progress), you only have to hear testimonials like this one to realize that it is something that transforms the lives of men and women who approach it.

As we've said in other articles on this blog, in addition to the benefits of pole dancing itself, there is also everything that surrounds this world: a place to share without judgment (which is surprising, since you have to wear underwear and a top most of the time), a tight-knit community, the union of sport with art and entertainment, the possibility of expressing yourself in different ways through the same discipline...

So if you're thinking about what pole dancing can do for you, you have to give it a try and in a few months you'll be the one speaking like Beatrice!




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