We are not all the same. Pole fashion for body positivity

body positivity pole dance pole dance apparel pole dance clothing pole dance fashion pole dance lifestyle Jun 11, 2021

We are not all the same...luckily


More and more popular fashion brands are considering a wider range of sizes and therefore using models in their ads that are different from the models we used to see.


With much pleasure we are seeing the same trend in the world of pole apparel: models of all physical characteristics showing the most coveted pole outfits.


Beyond the positive repercussions that this change of mentality may have on a general level, it is definitely good for the world of pole and aerial.


Pole community has always been characterized by inclusion, empowerment, togetherness and mutual support but how many times have we heard of some girl who wanted to try pole but was ashamed to wear shorts and a top?


At the same time we have seen an increase in self-esteem and body esteem in so many people and those who at first didn't even think about showing their bellies, progressively got more and more naked.


What can seeing pole apparel worn by women of all sizes change?


It certainly won't make anyone feel left out, because pole dancing doesn't. As mentioned before: pole dancing is inclusive.


Perhaps it will entice those who think that to pole dance you must already have a certain type of physique (kind of like those who say that to pole dance you must already be strong)


Another benefit is that anyone can wear that top they fell in love with or the latest model of shorts and feel strong, beautiful, sexy and healthy!

(If you've just started, be prepared: buying pole dance or aerial clothing becomes addictive!)


But most of all you will feel YOURSELF, each with their own characteristics because we are not all the same...




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