Will Pole Dancing help in Weight Loss?

Dec 21, 2022

We hear this question from a lot of aspiring pole dancers daily. So in this blog, we are answering that question.


Pole dance is a form of dance that demands plenty of physical movements and muscular strength. If you are a fitness freak, the workouts in a pole dancing session will surprise you.


A normal pole dancing session is inclusive of isometric muscular contractions that give your body a complete workout. The intensive cardio workout is also beneficial for strengthening your upper body muscles.


Keep reading to know what weight loss is and how pole dancing helps in that.

Pole dancing for fat loss and weight loss


A common misconception about weight loss is that fat loss is synonymous with weight loss. However, it is not; there should be a balanced amount of loss in muscular weight, water weight, and fat to lose weight.


A controlled amount of weight loss is good for everyone; however, the issue with it is most people do not know what the healthy way to do that is. They train themself in the gym with intensive cardio workouts and do not take enough nutritious food. That leads to tremendous weight loss and tiredness eventually.


That is where pole dancing becomes a good workout; even when it is a high-intensity workout, it won’t tire you out. Instead, it builds up your muscle strength and increases your energy.

How does pole dancing help in weight loss?

When you train for a pole, the body parts that get the most movements are abs, arms and biceps. These are the parts where fats are stored the most and thus leads to tremendous fat loss. It also helps reduce water weight loss as you sweat a lot; that way, it will reduce the unnecessary weight without tiring you.


Studies have proved that a single-pole dancing season can burn 250 calories, the exact amount you burn a day in the gym. If you have a balanced diet and your training sessions, you can easily & quickly lose weight and gain more energy.


It reduces the fat, flexes your joints and tones up your muscles to give you a healthy body. Through regular practice, it will shape your body perfectly.

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