Create your shapes and lines. Tips to make your own pole moves

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All pole dancers like it when they can experiment and add or modify a few combos to express a part of themselves that matches with the artistic side of pole dancing.

But how do we create new shapes and lines?


The good news is that it can be done even if you're not an advanced poler.


The bad news is that it's not easy at all if you don't know where to start. And maybe you won't create a new trick. But it's possibly to see what works better on your body, even if you know just a couple of tricks. It's not a problem, just make sure you nail what you know, so that the whole thing is smooth.


So pick up a trick from your last combo, and change something. It can be a combo you learned in the studio or in online classes.


I'd start with the head.


For example, while you're spinning in a shape, if you're filming yourself, move your look up, or to the pole, or to the outside, or down. You can see what works better on your personal lines.


You can also look back or front rotating your torso too.


Then, move your arms.


You can really do many different things. If they're not on the pole, of course ;) You can keep them straight or curved. You can touch your body, putting one hand on your neck, on your hair, on your hips, behind your back. Bring them together in a hug, open them completely as if you were flying.


How does it feel?


As we said before, filming yourself helps, because you can see what you like best or feel most like your own movement.


If you need help to create your own combo and then play with changing shapes and lines, I invite you to read this post.


And as always, don't forget to let go of the pleasure and fun of dance!



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