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By now you are an advanced poler and it is no longer time to follow what others are doing. You know, good students never stop learning but go in the direction of starting to create their own style and eventually...their own dance.

Speaking of style, it's what allows you to spice things up....
...Depending on the day, you might feel sexier, more dramatic or more dynamic.

For example, choose a combo you like or a sequence from our MPDS ONLINE STUDIO :

Your personal touch can be adding your favorite shape on the climbing up. There are so many different climbs that you surely have a favorite one.

While on the combo tricks, you choose your own speed. You can dance in slow motion, filling every detail with emotions and enjoying the spin. Or you can dance faster and put more energy into it.

Don't forget that all of our options can be done on static too! Switching from spinning to static can lead to more options. You may find it easier and be able to put multiple tricks together in a row to create a longer combo.

Sometimes, you just need to add the easier tricks to the more advanced combos....

Your personal touch can be anything you like, including choosing to leave your hair down, tied up or a particular outfit...maybe even try with heels!

In the end, what matters is the emotion you'll convey, which can happen with a very difficult combo but not necessarily. Some very simple passages but done with a personal touch can get a lot more straight into whoever is watching ;)

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