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I imagine that even if this is your first time approaching the world of aerial arts in general, you will have already realized that the community is very close-knit.

For example, when it comes to pole dancing, some of the shared values go beyond art or sport and in some cases, being a poler has almost become a lifestyle and a way of asserting your own empowerment.

In the case of MPDS, having an open studio presence on multiple continents has allowed for these connections to be made since the early days of social media connections. Each studio hosted both teachers and learners arriving from other studios, so that they could be "contaminated" by the uniqueness of the hosts but benefit from the same level of quality and professionalism...

...in short, feeling at home even if you are miles away!

However, having a close contact when it comes to online is not easy and that's why we created MPDS ONLINE STUDIO, to be able to accompany you in your evolution as a pole dancer wherever you are.

But that's not all.

Recently, we opened THE MPDS COMMUNITY: a place to meet and share where we can talk about our adventures and misadventures in this wonderful discipline and feel close to those who are in the same situation or offer support.

Our instructors will be there to help you with their advice and lend a hand with the difficulties you may go through in your daily workouts.

Share common goals, common passion.

Do you pole dance but have never tried hoop and want to get started? Ask inside THE MPDS COMMUNITY!

By telling your experience, you will be of help to other polers, who in turn, will be of help to others and so we all will have collaborated in everyone's success.

Did you buy a new set of tops and pants? Post a picture doing your favorite trick!

What to say? We are waiting for you!

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