Pole dance and motor skills: easier than it seems...if you have a good teacher

learning pole dance pole dance pole dance lessons pole dance training Aug 21, 2021

"I don't feel it"

"I don't know how to activate these muscles"

"My body doesn't respond"


Frustration, confusion and pain are what accompany these sentences. The consequences are devastating:

- Long time to be able to do basic movements
- Discouragement
- Quitting classes

Yes, we've seen people drop out of class because it was impossible for them to invert, and although it's not the only movement you can do in pole, it's also true that not being able to invert precludes you from doing many other tricks.

It happens at first with the inversion but it's a problem that will come up several times throughout your life as a pole dancer every time you try an unfamiliar movement.

We are not used to engaging parts of our body differently than we normally do and it depends greatly on each individual's motor skills. Sometimes we can't even mentally figure out how to do it.

However, the paths you are usually given to get to certain pole goals are more difficult than you actually need.

It is not enough to try and try again, because if you always repeat the movement in the same (wrong) way, you will not get different results.

Good knowledge and experience, continuous updating and good teaching skills of the teacher is what it takes to help you progress and not take too long to do the first tricks.

But it takes commitment on your part!

Of course, classes need to be structured so that the instructor can give the attention each student requires and guide them with their specific difficulties in mind.

This care for our students is one of the elements that has always characterized MPDS and we can say that it is one of the ingredients of our secret sauce to success. Each of our studios has this same mission and we have created THE MPDS ONLINE STUDIO with explanations in great detail, as if we were there with you.

However, if you are enrolled in the online studio and you need support, do not hesitate to write in The MPDS Community with all your doubts. We are waiting for you!


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