Pole dancing in heels for beginners...an easy guide.

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Whether it's at the beginning of your adventure in the world of pole dancing or after practicing for several years, you can't escape it. Sooner or later most pole dancers get the urge:


I'm going to try pole dancing in heels


There are countless articles on the web about the benefits of pole dancing in beautiful heels: They elongate your legs, improve your posture, extend your lines, and add flair to your routine. That's a lot of sexiness!


We've talked about the effects this style can cause, too.


But is it as easy as we're told or as difficult as it looks?


As usual, practice makes perfect. So drill and drill!


Think that you always got the pole to hold on to and this gives you a lot of confidence, especially if you are not used to wearing heels outside the studio. (Are you one of those girls who can’t even walk in heels? No problem)


Now I would like to warn you of the dangers:


  • Be careful when dancing with others. Now your reach is bigger!
  • Be careful when sitting down, so they won't poke your bum.
  • You don't have to strut away from the pole until you're ready.
  • It can be addictive


 And some advice...


  • Keep your weight in the balls of your feet(toes)!
  • Resist the need to stand on the full shoe
  • Learn to stand on the plateau (front). Squat in this position
  • Kip over the plateau



I’d suggest starting off with a low heel and as you get more comfortable in heels increasing the heel. You may start with 7" because if you go smaller, your foot will be more arched so you will feel more foot pain.


Some polers prefer boots because they provide more ankle support. About boots…patent is great if you’re going to be climbing and doing tricks in them. Matte is great if you’re staying mostly on the ground or doing low-flow /floor work.


But what if you’re still like Bambi on the ice?


Practice feeling more familiar in heels by hoovering the house in them!


And don’t forget to share your pictures on The MPDS Community...

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