Make slow music your ally

Sep 08, 2021


Does the music you use when pole dancing just depend on your mood?

Of course one of the best things pole dancing offers is being able to let go to the sound of your favorite music and bring the emotion that is running through you at that moment into the dance.

Unfortunately, so many beginning pole dancers believe that spin is great to watch but so hard to do....

...So they end up training on static only.

But that's not necessarily the case. It can be the result of poor learning or a training program that doesn't suit their physical condition, not allowing them to get the best out of both ways of pole dancing.
The spin is amazing to watch but the static can also be very powerful to watch...and we can see this in competitions or high level performances.

The point is that when you work your technique and strength the right way, you can choose to pole to any kind of music!
This is what I call pole control. When you have confident control of the pole you can spin the pole fast or slow....

That being said, I want to talk to you about the benefits of slow music when pole dancing.

So many polers feel awkward when trying to be flowy-like and slow down and try to get more confident and just move but feel so awkward. Slow music gives you time to set up and not rush through the tricks.

Rush= likelihood of inaccurate movement.

Instead, when you move slowly (try to move as slowly as you have the strength for) and hold each movement you can flow through it and correct/adjust your hands and feet. If you use slow music when pole dancing, this will help you slow down your pace and focus on your body position and not just the movement.

Many pole dancers agree that slow music helps you flow and remember important things like pointing your toes. It definitely makes a difference.

This doesn't mean you have to put slow music on all the time, in the structure of your workout  you can use faster or intense music for warm-ups and freestyle switch it up.

Give it a try!


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