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No matter if you are a beginner or advanced pole dancer, there is always a way to improve, especially when it comes to training on your own.

The perfect frequency would be to take a few classes in the studio and then be able to train independently to delve into certain tricks and sequences, so that you have a complete program that will get you to your pole goals.

For example, having the pole at home or being able to take advantage of time alone in the studio will serve to do that.

But, how do you not get lost in the myriad of things you want to try or improve?

To get your training more effective, and do not get lost among the many things you'd like to do, create a bit of a structure in advance.

1. Give yourself a timing.

It's helpful if you know you only have one hour, so as you use it at your best.
But even if you have more time, it helps you not to get lost on the track and be sure that you accomplish more. So 15' warm up, 5/10 minutes conditioning, then combos, and close everything with a real stretching, as you'll be warm, and your splits will be easier.

2. Focus on one goal, think about what you want to get today.

Just choose one goal, one thing. It can be a trick you never tried, a new challenge.
Or one old thing that you want to master, full, clean and smooth.

You may even not start training on that, you can start wih something easier.
But don't forget to fully train on your goal.

3. Always remember to perform each trick on both sides, as we have explained here.

4. Have fun!

It may seem obvious, but it's really not. Sometimes, we want to get to our destination so badly that we forget to enjoy the ride. Having fun while doing it, even if you feel the pain of some positions or you don't succeed in a figure will be the fuel to continue your discipline of training every day.


Last but not least, dedicate a few days of the week to rest: not only to recharge your energy but also because proper rest will help prevent injuries.


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