Stereotypes and pole dance

body positivity pole dance pole dance lifestyle pole dance styles pole fitness Sep 29, 2021

By now, the days when the first pole dance studios opened their doors may seem far away and with them, the female world opened up to a new world.


Nowadays, pole dancing counts with a large number of people of all ages and genders and in some countries, thanks to the push of pole sports, there are numerous studios that prepare children and teens for this athletic discipline.


Unfortunately, the mind of some people sometimes goes slower than the natural evolution of progress and still today many, to the answer "I practice pole dancing" are heard to say "ah, you mean lap dance".


The problem is that this type of mentality precludes, for example, that some mothers take their children to do pole sports or that women who like to do pole dancing in heels are judged negatively.


Not to mention the criticism within the pole world itself: should one disregard the exotic pole dance so as not to "taint" the sports part?


As we have explained in this post, the pole is inclusive in itself, so it would be better to respect the way of practice of each. Each individual expressing themselves in their own way and at the same time sharing the same passion for the underlying discipline.


On the other hand, we are seeing an increase in the number of men doing pole dancing, pole sports and even exotic pole dancing! As we said at the beginning, pole goes beyond age and gender.


What critics don't know is that those who practice pole dancing end up with an increase in internal strength that goes beyond the increase in external strength and that this has positive effects on everything else in their lives.


As we can't change others but only ourselves, shake off the criticism and dance on it. Keep expressing yourself!

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