When travelling for pole dancing is not easy

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What happens when you can't go to the workshops you want to?

Not just in pandemic, how many times would you have loved to visit a studio located abroad? Or learn from that specific instructor you follow on social media?

The lockdown only brought up something that was already rounding the minds of the most dedicated pole dancers....

...And like any need then a solution is found ;)


But before we talk about the solution, it goes without saying about the benefits of learning from other instructors.

Each student has their own mentor, which is good to follow the time needed to deepen the technique and work on all aspects that pole requires, but it is always good to attend a few classes with others and in time, participate in workshops.

Why? Mainly to not fossilize. Each person brings you something different, new. It could also be that with a determined teacher you can do a trick that before seemed impossible just because he/she explained it in a different way.

It must also be said that each teacher has his own baggage because he/she has lived different experiences and this translates into an enrichment for the student. There are also diversities of styles and approaches that will contribute positively to your style.

Imagine trying different ways of warming up, and then choosing the one that best suits your needs or the moment you are in. Same goes for combos: experiment with new ways to get into certain tricks or how to connect them together.

Now that we've talked about the benefits of learning from different instructors, let's go back to the question from the beginning.

What's the solution to training with different instructors?


Definitely, online classes.


This way you can even follow a teacher who is on the other side of the world and still tap into their knowledge.

We have accomplished this with THE MPDS ONLINE STUDIO. Not only are our teachers international, plus we can bring our instructors from across the ocean right to your house. Super! Isn't it?

Each team will gift you with a different approach, but the same deep knowledge of tricks and flow.


Now you can take advantage of the free trial and choose the best for you!



If when you've tried it, you want to share your progress, join us at The MPDS Community...

And don't forget to have fun!



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