What does it take to be a pole dancer?

body positivity pole dance pole dance lifestyle Sep 15, 2021

"I had never been into sports until I was 60. I didn't know what a muscle was.

The first time I saw a pole dancer at MPDS (Milan base), I was blown away.

Right at that moment I said to myself why not? I'll give it a try!

I started to feel better, but much better both physically and mentally."


This is the story of Danila Torcoli, a student of MPDS Milan and now a source of inspiration for Italian women (watch the full interview)

For Danila, being a dancer wasn't a childish dream and she was able to achieve it through pole dancing. When we hear young women having doubts about whether or not to start pole dancing because they feel too old, we know that they are asking these questions because they do not fully understand the small and large revolutions that pole dancing has triggered in thousands of women around the world.

So, to the question what does it take to be a pole dancer? I am not going to answer by listing physical characteristics, skills or previous experience....

...I will instead tell you about the transformations we have witnessed over the years in our studios.

There are stories of women of all ages reclaiming their bodies and femininity (even for those who have never approached the sensual side of pole dancing), leading to a love of themselves and a love of their flaws.

I could sum it all up in one word: passion. The passion for pole dance is something that changes the mind even before the body. Almost a therapeutic path, in some ways it's become such a huge and integrated part of their/our lives that we can't conceive of them without it. Clinging to pole dancing in the dark moments helped to have the strength to face those moments.

As I've said before, age doesn't matter here. There are young girls and mature women in class, sometimes even moms with their daughters!

One thing that is essential for me is that in pole there is room for everyone, it is an inclusive discipline. There is no such thing as the perfect physique for pole dancing, there is no such thing as the right age to start, there is motivation, and above all, willpower...I can assure you that if you have it and you like it, nothing is impossible.

To get back to the point what does it take to be a pole dancer?

Want to have fun and maybe, make a dream come true.


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