What to do if you slide

pole dance pole dance routine pole dance tips pole dance training Jul 20, 2021

It's one of those days. You can't complete one combo without melting like butter.

This doesn't always have to happen on a super hot day. Sometimes it's just a bad day...

...so in addition to not feeling confident, you get frustrated.

Over time, each pole dancer develops their own techniques for not slipping as they also learn how their body and skin behave in different training situations.

However, we are pleased to share with you some techniques to still get a productive workout:

- Remember to always be safe, so we'll leave that one handed upside down trick for another day ;)

- When working on a combo, break up the combo you've chosen and just train it in separate parts, so as you can dry yourself in between.

- Keep on dancing. So if you're sliding from your hands, don't stop and get down immediately but try to grab the pole differently, with any part of your body. May be use your legs and end up in a sit, or in an inside leg if you're still upside down. Any grip that works is fine. Your goal there is not to stop, and add one little thing before getting back to the floor.

- When you end up on the floor: use the floor. Dance around it, even if that means doing always the same steps and pirouettes. You'll see that they're not gonna be the same, as you know more tricks than you think.

- Use the floor for some handstands or rollovers. Many require strength and are a good training too.

- If you are training at home and the problem persists, you can try changing the room where you have set up the pole. It may be that the room is too humid.

If you've been pole dancing for a short time, slipping more is normal at first, due to a whole host of factors such as lack of strength, more emotional sweating, less technique, etc. You'll see that a little at a time this will improve as well, although we all have a bad day now and then! (You can find more tips on how to improve here).

One last tip: don't use oils or creams to moisturize your skin before your workout.


See you on the pole!


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