Freestyle struggle

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For those of you who are struggling with freestyle....


I know. I can see it in your faces when the teacher says, "and now, let's do some freestyle!"

And when you practice at home no one sees you, but the feeling is the same... that is, looking like an angry gorilla.
You can't help but compare yourself to all the people in the studio who look and move like beautiful butterflies....


Have you ever thought that you move like a potato and the rest of the world looks like they're flying effortlessly?

What if you're still not confident when flowing on your own?


Well, simply playing around with new and old things with no real destination in mind is the winning attitude.


But if you're looking for suggestions to improve flow skills, here are some tips:

- Don't think too much and just try to feel the music. Don't judge yourself. What emotions does that piece evoke in you? These are all wonderful tools to improve your dancing!

- If you enjoy following choreography but are at a loss when left to your own devices to freestyle, try taking a choreography class once a month and then practice the same routine for a month. 

- Film your attempts, review, practice again (but don't judge!).

- Work on ground and floor transition movements and don't forget to practice both sides, sometimes when you freestyle you end up facing your bad side

- Relax your body, take the tension out of your shoulders, which are always the first to stiffen up. Breathe, realize if you are holding your breath during a movement. Slow music will help you!

- Take classes in other types of dance, it will help you be smoother.


Finally, the more freestyle you do, the better you will become. There is a special magic when you dance to the sound of your favorite music. Enjoy it!




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