Lack of motivation?

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Okay, here we go.

You couldn't wait to buy the pole and put it in your house.

You've imagined hundreds of times what it would be like to workout when you want to.

In your mind's eye you saw yourself day after day doing all the tricks in your living room.

In fact, the first few days were like that.

You would run to get home from work and workout until you were exhausted.

However, you came to a stalemate....

...and you lacked motivation.


Don't worry, this is normal, so don't panic. You haven't made an unnecessary purchase (find some tips here )

Sometimes working out alone at home can be less exciting.


But here we come to your aid!


How to find the motivation to pole dancing at home:

1. Structure your week, your day, and your workout to include rest days, freestyle times, and times when you practice the things that bore you the most but are necessary. (Read this post about how yo structure your training).

2. Schedule a few weeks off per year. Even if pole or aerial is your passion, you risk burn out if you don't take off every so often. It will be good for your body and your mind, which will then be ready to resume with more enthusiasm.

3. Organize moments with friends who want to try pole dancing for the first time or with your pole mates. You can exchange experiences, tips and encourage each other.

4. Take care of your nutrition. Lack of certain foods or vitamins can make you feel weak or down not only physically but also mentally.

5. Give yourself small goals to achieve. Wanting to do everything right away usually creates the opposite effect, that is, doing nothing.
In these cases, having an online pole dancing program becomes imperative because it gives you the opportunity to learn new moves, which increases motivation and allows you to not "get lost" when you don't know what to do or just try the combos you've done a thousand times.


The MPDS ONLINE STUDIO program was created specifically to allow you to train at home as if you were in the studio, and the innovation of our combos will give you the edge you need to approach the pole more motivated than ever!


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