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If you are an instructor, you know what we mean.

The student who has been practicing for a while and wants to improve, wants to become advanced, or is already able to do many intermediate level tricks...

But she/he turns her nose up at being told that in order to move forward and reach the levels she/he wants, she/he must master the basics.

If you are this kind of student, we're sorry but it's reality. It is very difficult to get to a good level of pole without the basic technique well mastered.

The most striking example is the student who can do advanced tricks but then is not able to perform a fluid combo...

...what's the point of performing a shoulder mount if the inversion is done by climbing like a clumsy monkey?

Shall we talk about the importance of the levers? They are the ones that in spinning allow you to have control of the pole.

We all want to do more, but few want to do better. Partly because trying and retrying the basics becomes less attractive, as does conditioning, another element that allows you to improve. Conditioning gets you to develop the strength you need, right from the start.

Also to work at your best, at any level, it's important to structure your training week, as explained here and here

Last, even though it's not a basic level, for many intermediate and advanced moves you need to work on flexibility. Therefore, setting up a good training program early on is the secret to your success as a pole dancer.

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